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The People's Climate March on Manhattan - A Documentary Featured

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The iStreamPlanet was used to stream The Olympics in Sochi with over 41 separate feed to 100m people worldwide.  Climate and People's March organization., the live streaming company for the Olympics and SuperBowl.

Many 'A' list celebs are RSVP'd and a 'live from the protest' Documentary is slated for Christmas Release

American Equity Foundation, 501c (4) - delivering ex-Military volunteers to walk the crowd with chest mounted camera's

GoPro’s cameras with SD cards will be handed off to the editing tent.

RedBull Editing Tent will be onsite outside of the March

Adknowlege will be handling Banner Service

Joy MacKell, PR Coordination

Sponsors are a part of all communications to RSVP, RSS Feeds, live Stream reminders and so on.

They will be asked to give us their 'Green Video' for attachments during these viewer updates and reminders.

Live stream will be edited and compressed and streamed to 10-100m viewer simultaneously on phones, Tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, or any other device with internet access.

We will be gathering the footage by ex-military walking the March and filming activities for the first time Live from the expected 1m people in Manhattan.  The Marchers are expected to provide excellent live footage.

This is a unprecedented advertising and awareness opportunity.

Sponsors also are on the Documentary which will be viewed in 3,000 movie theatres worldwide and of course streamed from RPSDataStream and all other sponsor's sites.  The Feed is syndicated and will be streamed from sponsors websites, as well as 'Climate Summit' sites.  Impressions of sponsor logo's, banners, and "green videos", will be massive as well as advertising around the stream for normal ad serve revenue. 

Time is of the essence arrangements need to be made ASAP for travel and lodging for the volunteers, as well iStreamPlanet integration with sponsors content.  Email campaigns, finalize websites, editing, documentary expenses, talent, and general production costs.

All content and logos should be coordinated through

Joy MacKell

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will be coordinating Volunteers on the ground for compliance, safety, mapping and liaison to law enforcement in the event outside factions begin to create disturbances before, during, and after the People's Protest March on Manhattan.  They are very organized and we expect one heck of a show!

OAN, CNN, and Fox are already going to pick up syndication for streaming from their sites, so exposure will be unprecedented.

Minimum Budget is $5m however the larger the sponsor consideration, the larger the exposure to the world.

We are looking for sponsors that have a passion for this project as we do.

Sponsors will be part of press release engine with DKC in New York and partnering on the PR.

RPSData has in excess of 500m people in its consumer and business database for invitations.

Multiple email campaigns will launch and RSVP's have already commenced.

Sponsors are asked to also support marketing to their database of customers and partners as we will syndicate the feed in a frame from their site if desired.

We look forward to rapid integration and deployment.  The teams are in place, now it's just time to finalize the remainder of the capital to complete this amazing 'First Ever' Event.

Thank You for your rapid attention and please direct any questions via email as the PR machine has started and we are working with the press daily now.

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